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General Filing

What is the W4 Tax Form?What is the W4 Tax Form?2023-03-24T02:31:22Z
What is the W9 Tax Form?What is the W9 Tax Form?2023-03-22T22:06:58Z
Lost or Stolen Tax RefundLost or Stolen Tax Refund2019-03-22T00:53:40Z
Incorrect Direct Deposit InfoIncorrect Direct Deposit Info2019-03-22T01:12:23Z
Didn't Receive Full Tax RefundDidn't Receive Full Tax Refund2019-03-22T01:07:58Z
Where's My Amended Return?Where's My Amended Return?2021-03-03T16:04:53Z
How to Contact IRSHow to Contact IRS2021-03-03T16:20:21Z
Can't Reach IRS?Can't Reach IRS?2021-03-03T16:28:06Z
Lost Tax Refund CheckLost Tax Refund Check2021-03-06T14:55:37Z
Taxes After Death of ParentTaxes After Death of Parent2021-03-18T17:01:42Z
Where To Report Form 1095 CWhere To Report Form 1095 C2017-03-14T15:43:38Z
Where To Report Form 1095 BWhere To Report Form 1095 B2017-03-14T15:46:13Z
Where's My Refund?Where's My Refund?2016-02-05T03:50:10Z
Direct DepositDirect Deposit2015-01-31T19:05:51Z
How Much Is Obamacare PenaltyHow Much Is Obamacare Penalty2015-01-07T17:06:08Z
Taxes of Same-Sex MarriageTaxes of Same-Sex Marriage2014-02-06T20:21:21Z
Health Care Reform ActHealth Care Reform Act2014-01-24T18:41:59Z
Military Tax ProvisionsMilitary Tax Provisions2013-01-21T16:08:55Z
How to File a Tax ReturnHow to File a Tax Return2013-01-21T16:08:32Z
Changing Your NameChanging Your Name2013-01-21T16:08:29Z

Filing Status



Zelle does not report to IRSZelle does not report to IRS2023-03-15T22:26:09Z
Form 1099‑DIV 199A DividendsForm 1099‑DIV 199A Dividends2022-03-03T22:07:02Z
Zero Tax on Capital GainZero Tax on Capital Gain2022-03-03T22:18:58Z
Inherited IRAInherited IRA2022-03-09T18:33:24Z
Primary Home Tax ExclusionPrimary Home Tax Exclusion2022-03-09T18:52:45Z
Off The Books IncomeOff The Books Income2019-03-22T00:58:09Z
How to Report 1099-KHow to Report 1099-K2016-02-20T04:07:21Z
How to File as Self-EmployedHow to File as Self-Employed2016-02-12T03:13:34Z
How to Report Cash IncomeHow to Report Cash Income2016-02-11T03:58:39Z
Form 1099-G Report It or Not?Form 1099-G Report It or Not?2016-02-07T17:32:18Z
Form 1099-R DistributionForm 1099-R Distribution2016-02-07T02:41:16Z
How to Report Form 1099 MiscHow to Report Form 1099 Misc2016-02-06T16:58:06Z
How to do Small Business TaxesHow to do Small Business Taxes2015-01-31T04:21:14Z
Tax Free Sale of a ResidenceTax Free Sale of a Residence2015-01-25T18:17:59Z
Taxation of AlimonyTaxation of Alimony2014-02-24T19:44:40Z
Selling your HomeSelling your Home2013-01-09T16:59:57Z
Forms 1099-C and 1099-AForms 1099-C and 1099-A2016-03-17T20:00:24Z
Taxation of UnemploymentTaxation of Unemployment2016-03-07T22:21:44Z
What is W-2 Verification CodeWhat is W-2 Verification Code2017-02-16T00:15:03Z
Are Pell Grants Taxable?Are Pell Grants Taxable?2017-02-28T16:57:40Z
Is SSDI Subject to Tax?Is SSDI Subject to Tax?2017-03-13T21:48:57Z
Is SSI Taxable Income?Is SSI Taxable Income?2017-03-13T21:55:11Z
Is Scholarship Taxable?Is Scholarship Taxable?2017-03-13T22:04:13Z
Is Life Insurance Taxable?Is Life Insurance Taxable?2017-03-14T15:34:43Z
Sale of a Home During DivorceSale of a Home During Divorce2019-03-26T17:41:22Z
What is Self Employment IncomeWhat is Self Employment Income2019-03-26T17:57:01Z
1099-R Box 2a is Blank1099-R Box 2a is Blank2019-03-28T20:50:15Z
Tax on $20,000 Form 1099-KTax on $20,000 Form 1099-K2019-04-02T18:05:01Z
Tax on $30,000 Form 1099-KTax on $30,000 Form 1099-K2019-04-02T18:08:15Z
Tax on $40,000 Form 1099-KTax on $40,000 Form 1099-K2019-04-02T18:11:12Z
Tax on $50,000 Form 1099-KTax on $50,000 Form 1099-K2019-04-02T18:13:54Z
Tax on $10,000 Form 1099-MiscTax on $10,000 Form 1099-Misc2019-04-02T18:26:00Z
Form 1099-K Report it or Not?Form 1099-K Report it or Not?2020-02-20T21:30:00Z
Form 1099-SA Report it or Not?Form 1099-SA Report it or Not?2020-02-20T21:31:07Z
Sale of Inherited HomeSale of Inherited Home2020-02-21T21:00:02Z
House Flipper Tax FilingHouse Flipper Tax Filing2020-02-21T21:30:01Z
Report 1099-MISC or 1099-KReport 1099-MISC or 1099-K2020-02-28T17:15:00Z
Sale of Inherited StockSale of Inherited Stock2020-03-03T23:07:33Z
Form 1099-INT and Schedule BForm 1099-INT and Schedule B2020-03-03T23:10:56Z
Zero Tax on InvestmentsZero Tax on Investments2020-03-11T15:53:12Z
1099-NEC from DoorDash1099-NEC from DoorDash2021-02-22T16:12:20Z
1099-NEC from Grubhub1099-NEC from Grubhub2021-02-22T16:14:07Z
1099-NEC from Instacart1099-NEC from Instacart2021-02-22T16:16:20Z
1099-NEC from Postmates1099-NEC from Postmates2021-02-22T16:18:02Z
1099-NEC from Seamless1099-NEC from Seamless2021-02-22T16:19:38Z
1099-NEC from UberEats1099-NEC from UberEats2021-02-22T16:21:28Z
1099-B from Robinhood1099-B from Robinhood2021-02-27T02:09:37Z
Airbnb DepreciationAirbnb Depreciation2021-02-27T02:13:09Z
Airbnb Tax LossAirbnb Tax Loss2021-02-27T02:18:05Z
W-2 $10,000, Tax Refund $6,000W-2 $10,000, Tax Refund $6,0002021-03-01T15:31:20Z
W-2 $15,000, Tax Refund $6,400W-2 $15,000, Tax Refund $6,4002021-03-01T15:33:33Z
W-2 $20,000, Tax Refund $6,100W-2 $20,000, Tax Refund $6,1002021-03-01T15:35:49Z
W-2 $25,000, Tax Refund $5,100W-2 $25,000, Tax Refund $5,1002021-03-01T15:38:39Z
1099-NEC Tax Refund $6,5001099-NEC Tax Refund $6,5002021-03-01T18:45:47Z
1099-NEC Tax Refund $6,6001099-NEC Tax Refund $6,6002021-03-01T18:53:15Z
1099-NEC IRS Refund $4,0001099-NEC IRS Refund $4,0002021-03-01T18:54:29Z
W-2 $30,000, Tax Refund $2,700W-2 $30,000, Tax Refund $2,7002021-03-02T17:06:54Z
W-2 $35,000, Tax Refund $1,400W-2 $35,000, Tax Refund $1,4002021-03-02T17:08:57Z
Where to Report Cash on 1040Where to Report Cash on 10402021-03-03T16:24:56Z
Form 1099-K from PayPalForm 1099-K from PayPal2021-03-03T16:26:23Z
Schedule C Profit $13,000Schedule C Profit $13,0002021-03-03T19:43:41Z
1099-NEC from OnlyFans1099-NEC from OnlyFans2021-03-06T14:53:14Z
Where to Report 1099-NECWhere to Report 1099-NEC2021-03-07T17:16:04Z
Report 1099-NEC or 1099-K?Report 1099-NEC or 1099-K?2021-03-07T17:19:12Z
1099-NEC Tax Loss1099-NEC Tax Loss2021-03-08T16:48:41Z
1099-NEC Report it or Not?1099-NEC Report it or Not?2021-03-08T16:53:46Z
Non-taxable 1099-GNon-taxable 1099-G2021-03-17T17:37:31Z
Tax-Free Unemployment $37,000Tax-Free Unemployment $37,0002021-03-18T16:26:50Z
Is Unemployment Taxable?Is Unemployment Taxable?2021-03-18T16:28:29Z
$44,000 Unemployment Tax-Free$44,000 Unemployment Tax-Free2021-03-18T16:31:36Z
What is Tax Loss Harvesting?What is Tax Loss Harvesting?2023-03-22T22:04:03Z
Home Depot W-2 ExplainedHome Depot W-2 Explained2023-03-22T22:08:42Z
Tax Loss on Binance USD (BUSD)Tax Loss on Binance USD (BUSD)2023-03-22T22:11:09Z
Walmart W-2 ExplainedWalmart W-2 Explained2023-03-24T02:21:09Z
Amazon W-2 ExplainedAmazon W-2 Explained2023-03-24T02:22:49Z
Tax Loss on USD Coin (USDC)Tax Loss on USD Coin (USDC)2023-03-24T02:25:33Z
Tax Loss on Tether (USDT)Tax Loss on Tether (USDT)2023-03-24T02:27:30Z
Kroger W-2 ExplainedKroger W-2 Explained2023-03-24T02:29:15Z

Adjustments to Income


Form 1098 Box 6 PointsForm 1098 Box 6 Points2022-02-25T21:29:13Z
Sales Tax Itemized DeductionSales Tax Itemized Deduction2016-02-14T17:42:29Z
Tax Write Off for ClothingTax Write Off for Clothing2016-01-23T16:26:22Z
Tax Write Off for Smart PhoneTax Write Off for Smart Phone2016-01-23T03:49:47Z
Tax Write Off for ComputerTax Write Off for Computer2016-01-21T03:31:47Z
Tax Write Off for Home OfficeTax Write Off for Home Office2016-01-14T04:53:38Z
Tax Write Off for Job SearchTax Write Off for Job Search2016-01-10T20:49:27Z
Tax Write Off for Your CarTax Write Off for Your Car2016-01-09T17:28:08Z
How to Take Tax Write OffsHow to Take Tax Write Offs2015-12-30T22:54:58Z
How to Deduct Medical ExpensesHow to Deduct Medical Expenses2015-03-25T15:45:02Z
How to Deduct DonationsHow to Deduct Donations2015-01-16T03:36:04Z
Job-Related Tax DeductionsJob-Related Tax Deductions2014-02-25T20:55:28Z
Purchase of a HomePurchase of a Home2014-02-05T18:36:54Z
Home Office Tax DeductionHome Office Tax Deduction2014-02-04T18:17:43Z
Gambling LossesGambling Losses2018-01-31T19:55:56Z
Charitable DonationsCharitable Donations2013-01-09T17:01:42Z
100% Tax Deduction for Meals100% Tax Deduction for Meals2018-01-31T19:59:48Z
No Tax Records or Receipts?No Tax Records or Receipts?2018-01-31T19:50:44Z
State Income Tax DeductionState Income Tax Deduction2018-01-31T19:53:49Z
Form 2106Form 21062020-03-11T15:50:13Z


Job-Skills Classes Tax CreditJob-Skills Classes Tax Credit2022-03-09T18:58:02Z
Additional Child Tax CreditAdditional Child Tax Credit2016-02-21T17:40:19Z
Tuition Credit Form 1098-TTuition Credit Form 1098-T2016-02-09T02:47:37Z
Tax Write Off for CollegeTax Write Off for College2016-01-13T02:07:00Z
How to Claim Saver's CreditHow to Claim Saver's Credit2015-03-27T21:08:34Z
Earned Income Tax CreditEarned Income Tax Credit2013-02-07T19:25:05Z
Savers CreditSavers Credit2014-02-26T17:53:21Z
Credits for Education TuitionCredits for Education Tuition2016-03-21T17:36:51Z
Lifetime Learning Tax CreditLifetime Learning Tax Credit2016-03-20T16:44:06Z
What is the Max EITC Amount?What is the Max EITC Amount?2018-01-31T17:17:03Z
Forms 1098-T and 8863Forms 1098-T and 88632018-01-31T17:29:37Z
Form 8936 Tesla Tax CreditForm 8936 Tesla Tax Credit2020-02-21T00:30:00Z
Full Stimulus Credit $1,800Full Stimulus Credit $1,8002021-02-27T02:25:48Z
Is Stimulus Taxable?Is Stimulus Taxable?2021-03-17T17:28:16Z


Alabama Tax ReturnAlabama Tax Return2016-01-31T23:59:31Z
Illinois Tax ReturnIllinois Tax Return2016-01-31T17:05:05Z
Indiana Tax ReturnIndiana Tax Return2016-01-30T21:06:40Z
Kentucky Tax ReturnKentucky Tax Return2016-01-30T17:20:28Z
Michigan Tax ReturnMichigan Tax Return2016-01-30T03:55:51Z
Mississippi Tax ReturnMississippi Tax Return2016-01-29T04:08:41Z
Ohio Tax ReturnOhio Tax Return2016-01-28T04:30:07Z
Tennessee Tax ReturnTennessee Tax Return2016-01-27T04:43:56Z
West Virginia Tax ReturnWest Virginia Tax Return2016-01-26T03:06:42Z
Wisconsin Tax ReturnWisconsin Tax Return2016-01-24T17:34:26Z
Where's My New York Refund?Where's My New York Refund?2016-02-05T04:10:27Z
Where's My California Refund?Where's My California Refund?2016-02-05T04:02:49Z
Maine Earned Income Tax CreditMaine Earned Income Tax Credit2017-02-01T22:26:32Z
Iowa Earned Income Tax CreditIowa Earned Income Tax Credit2017-02-01T22:22:49Z
Ohio Earned Income Tax CreditOhio Earned Income Tax Credit2017-02-09T00:02:10Z