Incorrect Direct Deposit Info

If you entered your direct deposit information with incorrect bank account information, you have some options to help ensure that you still receive your tax refund.

If your return e-file is rejected, after you fix the error, you will have the opportunity to re-enter your banking information.

If your tax return has not yet posted to the IRS, you can call them directly at 800-829-1040 and ask for the direct deposit to stop.

If you have a wrong digit or your deposit has been rejected as the account name has not matched yours, the IRS will send you a check.

But if your bank accepts the deposit and it goes into the wrong account, you will need to directly contact the bank to solve the problem. If you already contacted your bank or credit union without results, file form 3911. The IRS will contact the institution and try to help, but the IRS cannot require the bank or credit union to return the funds.