Tennessee Tax Return

Tennessee does not levy a tax on wages and salaries, although income from stocks, bonds and notes received are not exempt from income taxes, these items are taxed at a rate of 6%.

Persons who utilize a filing status of single are exempt from paying taxes on the first $1,250 of taxable income, additionally joint filers are exempt for an amount from paying taxes on the first $2,500 of income that can be taxed. If you are over the age of 65, file single and have a total income of less than $33,000 annually or file jointly and have an income of over $59,000 you are also exempt from paying taxes.

Some tips about legal domiciles: They are generally considered places where you are registered to vote, locations where you hold a driver's license, your primary residence; places such as vacation homes, temporary or special purpose residences are not considered a legal domicile.