About eTax.com

Our company was founded by a team of CPAs and software engineers with a simple goal, to make the tax filing process as easy as possible.

Filling out paperwork is only a small portion of filing taxes. The majority of Americans consider their tax return to be their biggest financial event of the year, and it may be a very emotional one. We are here to reduce their worry and to offer reliable tax software and skilled customer support.

Each year we update our system with the new tax law changes to take advantage of applicable deductions and credits. Our users find the software extremely simple to use. More importantly, they trust that we are making correct calculations. We cherish that trust.

We also have a professional customer service department that is available to provide free support. Every year, each customer service representative participates in a mandatory training course provided by our tax researchers, updating them on the latest tax laws, so they are ready to assist our users. Sometimes, the comfort of asking a question to a real person is more assuring.

One final point, we do not sell or rent information to anyone. We have no additional sales pitch, nor do we take advertising. Our goal is simply to make the tax filing experience an easy one.