About eTax.com

eTax.com is a web application providing its users an intuitive, easy and affordable way to prepare and file their own federal and state tax returns. Users are walked through the entire process step by step using a friendly wizard, asking only the questions which pertain to the specific user. This process reduces confusion to the user, providing the ability to easily complete their tax return while making the process, from start to finish, quick and easy. Each step also provides resources to answer common questions users may have pertaining to the current topic they are working on.


Quality Support

Within each topic a user is working on, while preparing their tax return, resources are provided answering common questions users might have. Additionally, users have access to our help center which provides answers to questions on any topic the user might be interested in learning more about. Sometimes, the comfort of asking a question to a real person is more assuring. Our customer service department is available toll-free to provide free customer support. Every year, each customer service representative participates in a mandatory training course provided by our tax researchers updating them on the latest tax laws so they are ready to assist our users.


Mission Statement

Our primary goal is to offer quality tax software providing its users a friendly, easy and affordable product which our users can use to prepare and file their own tax returns. This is accomplished by delivering a product along with the support and attention needed to build a long lasting relationship with our users.