How to Claim Child and Dependent Care Credit

Child care can be expensive, and many parents have to arrange care around their work schedule or school breaks. When children are out of school during the summer, child care expenses can begin to add up.

What Types of Care Qualify?

Day Camps - expenses incurred from sending your child to a day camp may qualify, even if the camp focuses on a specific hobby or sport, such as basketball or art. The day camp must comply with all local and state laws applicable to other dependent care centers. Overnight camps do not qualify.

School Expenses - If your child hasn't entered kindergarten yet, but has incurred school expenses, you may qualify for the tax credit. Before or after school care expenses for children at the kindergarten level and higher also qualify.

Day Care Center - In order for a day care facility to qualify, they must comply with all local and state laws if they care for six or more children.