Can I Deduct Mileage To And From Work?

You can't deduct commuting expenses (the cost of transportation between your home and your main or regular place of work). If you haul tools, instruments, or other items, in your car to and from work, you can deduct only the additional cost of hauling the items such as the rent on a trailer to carry the items.

Using your personal car for business reasons can lead to a deduction come tax time. You may qualify to deduct the actual operating expenses or you can opt to take the standard mileage rate of deduction. Remember though, you can't deduct expenses you incur while commuting back and forth to work.

You may also be able to deduct travel expenses, if your work has taken you out-of town and you haven't been reimbursed by your employer. Additionally, employee business expense deductions allow you to deduct 50% of a meal when conducted for business purposes. You will need receipts and proof of business purpose. If you've attended a conference, you can deduct lodging and meal expenses that are not covered by your employer. For conferences in town, your mileage to and from the conference location may qualify for a deduction.

Employees who are required to purchase a uniform, and if the uniform is not suitable to be work outside of work, may be able to deduct the cost of acquiring and maintaining the outfit.

Extra or additional training in your career may also qualify for a deduction if you've been responsible for paying any associated expenses. Any courses you've paid for that help you improve or maintain your abilities in your line of work, as well as mileage to and from the training center (one way) are deductible.

If you've needed some specialized reading in order to do your job, you may be able to deduct some of the costs related to the purchase of book, journals, or magazine that are relevant to your line of work. Similarly, job search fees may be deducted provided they are for the same field if you are looking for a new employer. Job search fees include preparation of resume and agency fees, as well as mileage to and from interviews, even those out of town, as long as you directly paid for them.