Can I Claim My Grandchild On My Tax Return?

Provided they meet the requirements, a taxpayers can receive a dependency exemption for each person they support. The dependency exemption is the same amount as the personal exemption.

Your qualifying grandchild must meet criteria in order to be eligible for the dependency exemption:

In order to qualify, your grandchild has to be under the age of 19, or if a full-time student, under the age of 24. There is no age limit for those who are permanently disabled.

Your dependent grandchild must live in the same household as you for more than half the year as a member of your household.

Although there is no gross income test for a qualifying grandchild, typically to claim the exemption you have to provide more then than half of a grandchild's total support. Scholarship awards are not included in support figures.

The grandchild must be a citizen of the United States, or a resident of the U.S., Canada, or Mexico.

If the grandchild is married by the end of the tax year, they may not file a joint return with their spouse, in order for you to claim then.