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An Education in Deductions

If you required additional training, or attended seminars for your work, you may be able to deduct any expenses you paid throughout the tax year when you file your return. These expenses have to have been incurred in order to maintain or improve your skills and performance at your job, or is required by law […]

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Common Professional Deductions

Taxes can be one of the biggest expenses that anyone in a professional environment encounters. If you’re one of those professionals, there are many deductions that can help you save. Unfortunately, you may not know some of them exist at all, or be aware of what records you should keep to claim certain deductions. To […]

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Deductions for Realtors

It’s that time to start considering your tax deductions. If you own a real estate business, just about everything you purchase can be a tax deduction, provided it is necessary to the business and the cost is reasonable. Deductions are a great way to save your business some hard earned profits. A $900 computer purchased […]

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