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Estimated Tax Payments

If you choose not to have taxes withheld from your wages, or if you have not paid enough for each paycheck, you may have to make estimated tax payments. Similarly, self-employed people typically pay income tax by estimated payments. Four Important facts about estimated taxes If you think you need to pay estimated taxes, or […]

Estimated Tax Payments

If you are an employee of a business, the employer is responsible for deducting federal and state taxes from your salary. However, independent contractors and self-employed individuals have to take care of this financial obligation on their own. Generally, these individuals will make estimated quarterly tax payments, and skipping them can lead to penalties and […]

Generally, many people are required to file a tax return, which is why they do. But even if you don’t have to, you may still want to. There’s a chance you may be eligible for a tax refund and not even know it. The following six items may give you reason enough to file a […]

Three Tax Things to Know About

Estimated Tax Payments When you have any form of income that isn’t subject to regular taxation, such as retirement distributions or self-employment pay, the IRS may hold you accountable for making payments to cover any amount of tax you may owe at the end of the year. If you don’t pay the correct amount, (your […]

Bus Drivers Deduct Their Way to Savings

Do you drive a bus for a living? Being on the road, helping people get where they need to go can feel very rewarding. Reward yourself at tax time by claiming deductions which can lower the amount you owe in taxes and put more money in your pocket. If you work for a specific business, […]


When you work in the professional media circuit, such as a news reporter, you likely don’t mind being in the spotlight. However, you never want to attract the attention of the IRS for failure to file a correct tax return. Media professionals who work for a company ona regular basis and are considered an employee […]

You make your living by performing in front of others, be it through song, dance, spoken word, or some other medium. If you work for a specific venue, you may receive a Form W-2, as they would be considered your employer. However, if you freelance or receive payments from someone you don’t work for regularly, […]

Forklift Drivers Find Deductions

Not everyone can drive and operate a forklift. It takes a special skill, training, and an extra cautious mindset to be a safe forklift driver. When it comes to taxes, forklift operators have to know how to drive their way through a rigorous tax code. However, with a little extra help, tax time for forklift […]

Journalism Related Tax Deductions

Journalists have an important job in reporting the current events and other newsworthy stories to the public. When it comes time for taxes, it’s important for those who work as a journalist or media professional to know what to expect. You will receive a Form W-2 from your employer which will document the amount you […]

Like any other skilled tradesman, professional painters can expect to receive a Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement from their employer. Anyone who runs their own business or does painting work on the side is considered to be self-employed, and should receive a Form 1099-MISC for any amount they received on their own. Even if […]