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Three M’s to Know at Tax Time

Mortgage Interest Mortgage interest of up to $1 million in debt, incurred while purchasing or building your primary residence or second home is eligible to be deducted at tax time. If you borrow from a home-equity line of credit, any interest you pay on up to $100,000 can be deducted, no matter how you spend […]

Know How to Figure Your AGI

Learning the math behind your tax return may seem overwhelming. However, understanding the three different levels of income can make things a little easier. The three amounts are: total gross income, adjusted gross income (AGI), taxable income. Adjusted Gross Income One important term to familiarize yourself with at tax time is adjusted gross income. This […]

Relocating? How to Deduct the Cost

Relocating for a new job position is becoming more common than ever. At tax time, you may be able to deduct any costs you incur from moving, or lease a significant portion of them, from your taxable income. Moving expenses have to be related to a new job in order to qualify for a tax […]

Each tax year, many Americans end up paying more than they have to in taxes just because they don’t claim all the deductions they qualify for. No one wants to pay more than is necessary, so before you file your taxes make sure you have taken all the deductions you can. You may be able […]

Keep Receipts If You Itemize Deductions

There are two different options for taking deductions at tax time. You can use the standard deduction, which ranged from $6,300 to $12,600 for 2015 taxes, or you can itemize. The choice is up to you. You should check to make sure that itemizing your expenses doesn’t amount to more than the standard deduction if […]

Student? Get a Tax Education

Just because you are a fulltime student doesn’t mean you are automatically exempt from filing a tax return or reporting your income. If you didn’t have enough withheld during the year, you may owe a surprising amount of taxes. If you don’t have to file a return, you still should, as you may be entitled […]

We do what it takes for the job, right? Even if it means changing locations. If you’ve recently moved as a result of a change in your job or business location, you may qualify to deduct a reasonable amount of moving expense. You cannot deduct meal expenses, but other moving costs may be deducted if […]

Deducting Moving Expenses

You may be able to deduct some expenses incurred from a work-related move. Whether or not you itemize deductions, you may qualify to deduct some of these expenses if you meet the following two conditions: Your new job has increased your commute from your old home by over 50 miles. This means that there has […]

Tax Breaks for Recent College Graduates

For those who have recently graduated from college, saving up enough money to make ends meet can be a difficult challenge. However, there are tax breaks available for those who have earned their degrees which can keep a little extra money in their pockets. Here are four tax breaks and credits that new college graduates […]