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Form 2441 Child and Dependent Care Credit

It can be expensive to hire a professional to care for a disabled adult or to pay for childcare services for children under 13. Fortunately, the government has a tax credit to reduce these costs and put more money in your pocket. The child and dependent care credit can put up to 35 percent of […]

Important Tax Credits For 2017 Families

The Child Tax Credit can save parents up to $1,000 per child based on income. Higher income families are entitled to a smaller credit, as the IRS reduces the credit at modified adjusted gross income of $110,000 for joint, married taxpayers. The Child and Dependent Care Credit is an excellent way to recover some expenses […]

Child and Dependent Care: Form 2441

If you pay for the care of either a child or a dependent, you may qualify for a credit at tax time. Using Form 2441, taxpayers can claim their credit, however there are a variety of requirements you must meet first, so it’s important to understand all the rules. To claim the credit, you must […]

Because of the changing state of the demographics throughout the nation, there’s a new type of dependent claim on the rise: Parents and adult children of middle-aged taxpayers. As a taxpayer, if you manage the daily care and financial support of one or more of your parents, and your parents can be classified as a […]

Tax Credits You May Qualify For

Have you ever owed taxes after you’ve filed your return in April? If so, you’re probably looking for ways to save this tax season. Seeing which tax credits you qualify for can make a big impact on your tax bill this season. Tax credits are a big advantage to taxpayers. Qualifying for a credit is […]

Finding quality care for your children while you work or look for work can be costly. Thankfully, the IRS offers the Child and Dependent Care Credit for taxpayers who incur expenses relating to child care in order for them to work. This federal credit also applies to families who pay for the care of an […]