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New Standard Deduction

For many people, the most significant changes in the tax overhaul are the almost doubling of the standard deduction and the abrogation of the personal exemption. The standard deduction is the amount filers subtract from income if they do not break deductions for mortgage interest, charitable contributions, state and local taxes and other items in […]

Standard deduction

In 2018, it’s $12,000 for single filers and separate married filers, $24,000 for jointly filing married filers and $18,000 for head of household. Even if you have no other qualifying deductions or tax credits, the IRS lets you take the standard deduction on a no-questions-asked basis. The standard deduction reduces the amount of income on […]

Deductions are an excellent way to recoup some of your expenses incurred throughout the year. How you account for those expenses, however, can make a big difference on your tax bill. Taxpayers have two methods of claiming deductions- itemizing or taking the standard deduction – and they must choose one to use when filing their […]

Know Your Standards at Tax Time

Standard Deduction You can take this deduction, which reduces the amount of income which you are taxed on, as an alternative to itemizing all of your expenses. The standard deduction is variable depending on your filing status. In 2015, the standard deduction is: Single or married filing separately: $6,300 Married filing jointly: $12,600 Head of […]

Marital Status Affects Your Tax Return

Knowing which filing status you should choose is the first step in completing your tax return. Your status can affect different areas of your return, including taxation rates, requirements for filing, different credits, and which standard deduction you are eligible for. Your filing status is dependent on whether you are married or not. If you […]

If you are planning to claim your medical expenses when you file your tax return, you have to remember a few important tips in order to take a deduction for your medical expenses. Itemize – You are required to itemize your deductions if you want to claim medical expenses. You are not able to take […]

Deductions and Dependents Save You Money

At tax time, anything that can help save you money off your tax bill is highly welcomed. These two tax items can put more money in your wallet, where you need it most. Deductions Deductions are a great way to reduce the amount you owe in taxes at the end of the year. Expenses that […]

The Standard Deduction Decoded

The standard deduction is allotted to all taxpayers by the IRS. It represents an amount of income that the government will not tax. Taxpayers who want to simplify their returns and opt not to itemize can claim the standard deduction. Just chose the correct filing status, and check the box for the standard deduction. In […]

The one thing in life that’s guaranteed is that you’ll have to pay taxes. Thankfully, though, the government opts not to force you to pay on your entire amount of income. When determining the amount of income for which you shall be taxed, the IRS uses two determinations of deductions: Above the Line, and Below […]

Taking the standard deduction may seem like the easier option when filing your taxes. However, it may not be the most valuable to you in the long run. Itemizing your deductions may lower your taxes owed. You can determine which method works best for you by figuring out the amount of each deduction method. In […]