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The Garden State has seen its fair share of out-of-state employees joining the workforce. So, for an employee who travels from another state in which they live, to work in New Jersey, has to file multiple tax returns at tax time, right? Not necessarily, as it depends on the state in which you reside thanks […]

Ohio’s Reciprocal Tax Agreements

Many Americans do whatever they have to when it comes to finding stable employment. This can even include crossing state borders to work, though sometimes this can lead to a more complex tax situation. In an effort to simplify tax time for interstate commuters, some states have set agreements so the employee only has to […]

At tax time, those who work in the state of Wisconsin but don’t actually live there may worry that filing their tax return may be more difficult than usual. However, across the United States, working in a border state near your resident state is actually quite common. There are agreements in place between certain states […]

North Dakota’s workforce isn’t purely comprised of residential employees. Some workers travel from Minnesota or Montana to work in the state of North Dakota, and those who do fall under a special set of tax rules that exempt them from paying taxes in North Dakota on the income they earned there. These rules are known […]

Tax time can be a bit confusing for some taxpayers, especially those who have multiple forms of income. Sometimes, employees travel into another state to work, and they may worry about having to file a return in each state in which they live and work. However, some states have created certain rules, known as reciprocal […]

Employees in the state of West Virginia who live in another state get a special pass come tax time as long as they are covered by a special agreement between the states known as a reciprocal tax agreement. West Virginia holds reciprocal tax agreements with resident of Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Residents of […]

Montana’s Reciprocal Tax Agreements

It’s more common than it may seem for a person to cross state borders in order to go to work. For those that do, tax time may be a little more intensive, as they are required to fill out a tax return for the state in which they live and the state in which they […]

In the state of Virginia, certain employees who are residents of certain other states are exempt from paying income tax on their earnings. The exemptions result from specific agreements, known as reciprocal tax agreements, which make filing tax returns a little bit simpler. Residents of the District of Columbia, Kentucky, Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia […]

Commuting to work has become such commonplace that several taxpayers even cross state borders to work. Living in one state and working in another doesn’t automatically mean that you have to pay taxes on your earnings twice. You’re only required to pay your fair share of taxes, so you should make sure you understand exactly […]

Illinois Reciprocal Tax Agreements

In certain states throughout the US, agreements have been entered into with bordering states to make tax time a little easier on those who work and live in two separate states. These arrangements are known as reciprocal tax agreements, and allow those who work outside of their home state to be exempt from paying income […]