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Education expense deductions can be beneficial to student taxpayers or their parents, however, knowing what qualifies as an appropriate expense is important. As the taxpayers in the next situation soon learned, even if you spend significant time educating yourself in various topics, if the expense is not deemed ordinary and necessary, it will be categorized […]

Do you have a student loan in which you make payments, some of which is applied to interest accrued on the loan? If so, you may be eligible to deduct some of the interest when you file your federal tax return. Your lender will report the amount of interest you paid using IRS Form 1098-E, […]

American Opportunity Tax Credit

If you have qualifying education expenses you may be able to deduct them using the American Opportunity Credit. This credit covers the first $2,000 of education expenses that qualify, plus 25% of the next $2,000 for a total maximum credit of $2,500 annually. Who is eligible for the credit? If you pay for qualifying education […]

Tax credits can be a great way to save some cash when it’s time to file your return. Credits like the Lifetime Learning Tax Credit (LLTC) are different from a deduction because it reduces the amount of taxes you owe, dollar-for-dollar. Deductions only subtract from the amount of income you are taxed on. With credits […]

College students are eligible for some important tax credits that can benefit you in a big way when you file your return. Whether you’re enrolled yourself, or you’re the parent of a college student, you can claim different educational deductions and credits. There are two different types of educational tax credits, and each one is […]

Tax Credits for College Expenses

If you pay for college, you likely are aware how quickly the expenses can add up. Thankfully, there are two different education tax credits which can assist in making higher education a little more affordable. American Opportunity Credit Worth up to $2,500 for each eligible student during the first four years of college, this credit […]

Know How to Figure Your AGI

Learning the math behind your tax return may seem overwhelming. However, understanding the three different levels of income can make things a little easier. The three amounts are: total gross income, adjusted gross income (AGI), taxable income. Adjusted Gross Income One important term to familiarize yourself with at tax time is adjusted gross income. This […]

Three E’s to Know at Tax Time

It seems like there’s so much to learn about the tax world. Many terms are relative, and once you learn them, you can apply them to other parts of the tax code. Earned income, for example is a vital definition to know so you can know what parts of your income are taxable. The following […]

Paying for college is never cheap, and students can use all the help they can get. You may be able to alleviate some of the cost of college education through two different tax credits that lessen the amount you owe at tax time. American Opportunity Tax Credit: The American Opportunity Tax Credit (AOTC) allows you […]

Do you make your living as a production worker? If so, you should be aware of eligible work-related deductions that you can claim, which will lower your tax liability and help you get the most of your tax refund. Once you receive your W-2 from your employer, you can begin to prepare your tax return. […]