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Many taxpayers are unsure of the full scope of the Head of Household filing status when it comes time to file a tax return. Knowing about all the details of this status can benefit you greatly, because those who qualify to file Head of Household receive savings and tax benefits. Many single parents love this […]

Choosing the Right Tax Filing Status

When you file your tax return, ensuring you used the right filing status can make a big difference to your wallet. Depending on which status you use, you’ll be eligible for different credits and deductions, and how much of them you are entitled to. There are five filing statuses, and each one affects your tax […]

Marital Status Affects Your Tax Return

Knowing which filing status you should choose is the first step in completing your tax return. Your status can affect different areas of your return, including taxation rates, requirements for filing, different credits, and which standard deduction you are eligible for. Your filing status is dependent on whether you are married or not. If you […]

The Low Down on Filing Statuses

There are five different filing statuses which you can use when completing your tax return. Each status qualifies you for different deductions and credits, so choosing the correct one is extremely important. Single Taxpayers who are unmarried, or considered unmarried for the entirety of the tax year are eligible to file under the single status. […]

Being a Parent Can Be Extra Rewarding

Taxes can be difficult to prepare on your own, and as a parent, the addition of dependents can make things even more difficult. However, by claiming your child(ren) as a dependent, you become entitled to a variety of tax savings from the government. In order to maximize your benefits as a parent, follow these tips: […]

How Children Can Affect Taxes

Are you a parent? It’s important to understand how support you provide to your children can alter your tax liability, and which types of support you can get credit for. Child Credit For each child under the age of 17 that you claim on your tax return, your taxable income is reduced by $1,000. The […]

Going Through a Divorce Can Be Taxing

Getting a divorce can be difficult for all parties, including financially. Your assets are now up for grabs, not only by your soon to be ex, but also by the IRS. Divorce impacts your taxes a lot, so you should be aware of the expectations at tax time when you get a divorce. Filing Status […]

Once you get divorced, your taxes will change dramatically, as well as which status you use and the credits you are eligible for. If you are used to filing Head of Household status, a divorce can alter your eligibility to use that status to file at tax time. Head of Household status generally has a […]

If you are a single parent you know you can face some only one of its kind situations in life, this can include things that come up at tax time as well. Before you file your taxes, you should check out these federal tax considerations: Head of Household – If you were single on the […]

If you aren’t married by December 31st and you were responsible for the upkeep of a household for a child, parent or other relative, you may be eligible to file your tax return using the head of household status. You do have to be a citizen or resident of the United States for the entire […]