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Your teen turned 16 and has finally gotten a first job. Congrats! As a parent, you may be wondering if you should file a separate tax return for your working teen. Basically, there are three different questions to answer to determine whether your child should file a return of their own. Does the IRS consider […]

Which Form-1040 is Right for Me?

When tax tie rolls around, there’s three different forms one can use in order to file their tax return: the 1040EZ, the 1040A, and the full Form 1040. There are benefits and restrictions to all three forms, so deciding which to use should be based on which is best for your tax situation. You can […]

Electronic Tax Payment Options

When it’s time to pay your tax bill, you have a few quick and easy options to make an electronic payment. Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW)- Taxpayers can chose to file their tax return electronically and pay directly from their personal bank account. You’ll need to e-file if you want to use this option, so it’s […]

You owe money to the IRS but aren’t able to pay the whole balance at once. What can you do? Relax. You have options. In most cases, taxpayers can qualify for a relief program to help repay their financial obligations to the IRS. The two most popular programs include: Payment Plans with Installment Agreements – […]

How Likely Is It I’ll Get Audited?

Believe it or not, the IRS does actually audit a significant number of returns. The common rumor is that the IRS audits fewer returns than you might think. However, the IRS generally audits tax returns six times more than is reported. The IRS reports auditing roughly a million taxpayers every year, (approximately 0.7% of all […]

The Final Tax Return

Have you ever wondered what happens if a taxpayer becomes deceased during the calendar year? We know that both death and taxes are inevitable, but do taxes outlast the deceased? In most cases, the answer is yes. Tax filing obligations remain even if the taxpayer has passed part way through the tax year. The final […]

When to Hire a Tax Professional

Sure, it may seem easy to do your own taxes, especially with all the easy to use tax programs available. Those taxpayers who have a simple W-2 from their employer and very little else can have a quick and easy tax filing season. However, not all taxpayers are that lucky, and there are some situations […]

The Affordable Care Act comes into play again at tax time. In the simplest of ways, that may include indicating on your tax form that you had health insurance during 2017. Other tax requirements related to the ACA become more difficult from there. When you file your tax return, you’ll have to remain compliant with […]

Why You Should File A Tax Return

Not every taxpayer is required to file a return. Depending on your income level, you may be entitled to claim more in deductions and credits than you’ve earned for the year. In these situations, you aren’t required to file a tax return since you have no taxable income to report to the IRS. Let’s say […]

Estimated Tax Payments

If you are an employee of a business, the employer is responsible for deducting federal and state taxes from your salary. However, independent contractors and self-employed individuals have to take care of this financial obligation on their own. Generally, these individuals will make estimated quarterly tax payments, and skipping them can lead to penalties and […]