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New Medical Deduction

An attempt by Congress to end the medical expense deduction caused an intense reaction because it would have affected people in nursing homes and those with costly chronic diseases. In the end, the deduction was retained and made slightly more generous by lawmakers. They lowered the threshold from 10 percent to 7.5 percent of income […]

Disabled taxpayers who wish to deduct their medical expenses at tax time, generally must follow a unique set of rules to do so. Expenses related to the disability that fall under the category as necessary and ordinary business expenses include: Those necessary for you to perform your work in a satisfactory manner Goods and services […]

Retiree Deductions: The Big Five

Years of hard work will pay off in retirement, or at least that’s the goal. One thing that’s for sure is retirees are often entitled to special tax benefits. After age 50, the IRS loosens its grip on your money, allowing you a little bit of room to maneuver. The sweet spot is after age […]

In some cases, yes. While most couples who are married file a return together, combining their income into a single amount to be taxed. Filing a joint return is generally simpler for couples, and most of the time will produce a lower tax bill than if the couples filed their returns separately. However, there are […]

If you are planning to claim your medical expenses when you file your tax return, you have to remember a few important tips in order to take a deduction for your medical expenses. Itemize – You are required to itemize your deductions if you want to claim medical expenses. You are not able to take […]

The one thing in life that’s guaranteed is that you’ll have to pay taxes. Thankfully, though, the government opts not to force you to pay on your entire amount of income. When determining the amount of income for which you shall be taxed, the IRS uses two determinations of deductions: Above the Line, and Below […]

Taking the standard deduction may seem like the easier option when filing your taxes. However, it may not be the most valuable to you in the long run. Itemizing your deductions may lower your taxes owed. You can determine which method works best for you by figuring out the amount of each deduction method. In […]

Once you’ve put your day job behind you, and settled into the sweet life of retirement, it doesn’t mean tax time has come to an end. Likely, you’ll receive a Form SSA 1099, Social Security Benefit Statement (or RRB – 1099 if you are in Railroad Retirement). If you have additional income, your benefits may […]

Deductions for the Disabled

Taxpayers who are disabled are still subject to income tax, except in situations where the law specifically excludes certain income. If you were using disability while you retired, you have to include the pension you receive from your employer when you file a tax return. You are required to report disability income as part of […]