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Sale of a Home

The tax overhaul retained the existing benefit for home sellers. Jointly filing married couples can exclude $500,000 from taxes on the sale of a primary home. The exemption for single filers is $250,000 in profit. For inflation, these amounts are not indexed. For example, say Sam and Suzan bought a home for $150,000 many years […]

Capital Assets

Personal or investment property owned by you is typically a ” capital asset. ” Examples include materials such as a house or a car and investment items such as stocks and bonds. When a capital asset is sold, capital gains or losses occur. Whether you consider selling a capital gain or loss depends on the […]

Form 1099-B: Investment Securities

You’ll receive a Form 1099-B from your broker whenever you sell investment securities. Form 1099-B lists the pertinent information about your sales, including date, description and proceeds, and if known, your cost basis. Investment gains and losses affect your taxes, so you’ll have to report all the required information about your investments when you file. […]

Capital Gain From Home Sale

So you finally sold your home, and now it’s time to rejoice in having a large burden removed from your shoulders. It’s even better when you’ve made a profit from the sale. Capital Gain When you sell your house for more than what you originally paid, the end result is a capital gain. In most […]

Knowing the difference between capital gains and losses, and how each factors into your tax return can make a big difference on your stress level. Continue reading to learn more about each. Capital Gain Profits made from the sale of assets, such as stocks, real estate and mutual funds is called capital gain. Short term […]

Capital Gains Tax Explained

There are many tax terms that can get confusing if you’re not a tax expert. Basically, capital gains tax is applied to the increase in investment value. In order to understand how the tax is applied you must first know what a capital gain is. Capital Gain – the resulting amount when the purchase price […]

Capital Assets

Capital assets include basically everything you own for either personal or investment purposes. Some examples of capital assets are homes and household furnishings and stocks or bonds used as investments. Selling a capital asset can either result in a capital gain or a capital loss. It depends on the difference between the basis of the […]

Do you own Stock?

Do you own stock in any corporations? If so, you may receive dividends from the company as distribution of the property you own. Typically, dividends are paid in cash, although some corporations chose to pay dividends by offering stock in another corporation or through property. Dividends can also be received through partnerships, trusts, estates, associations […]

What is the 1099-B?

If you’ve sold any stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or securities during the tax year, it will be reported on a Form 1099-B which you will receive from your broker or financial institution. It can be a separate form, or may be combined into a statement listing other relevant tax information, such as interest and dividends. […]

What Is the Net Investment Income Tax?

This year, taxpayers may notice a new tax that applies to income from investments. Known as the Net Investment Income Tax, you may be responsible for paying this tax if your regular income is over a certain threshold, and you have investment income. If you think you might be subject to this tax, you’ll want […]