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The Saver’s Tax Credit

Saving your money isn’t easy, though when retirement rolls around, you’ll be happy you have some cash stored away. If you work and make contributions to a retirement plan or Individual Retirement Account (IRA), you may be eligible for a specific tax benefit called The Saver’s Tax Credit. Found on tax forms under the name […]

Knowing the difference between capital gains and losses, and how each factors into your tax return can make a big difference on your stress level. Continue reading to learn more about each. Capital Gain Profits made from the sale of assets, such as stocks, real estate and mutual funds is called capital gain. Short term […]

Types of 401(k) Plans

Saving for retirement is a great way to gain financial strength. Many taxpayers opt for a 401(k) savings plan. There are two different types of 401(k) plans, and you should be aware of what makes them different from each other. Traditional 401(k) This type of plan is sponsored by your employer and allows you to […]

Once you’ve put your day job behind you, and settled into the sweet life of retirement, it doesn’t mean tax time has come to an end. Likely, you’ll receive a Form SSA 1099, Social Security Benefit Statement (or RRB – 1099 if you are in Railroad Retirement). If you have additional income, your benefits may […]

There’s a chance you may not have to file a tax return if your Social Security or equivalent railroad retirement benefits are the only source of income you’ve received throughout the tax year. If you have received additional forms of income, the aforementioned benefits are typically tax-free providing your modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) is […]

Rolling Over Your Retirement!

Withdrawing money or assets from an eligible retirement plan and transferring it to another eligible plan can result in a rollover, provided the transfer happens within sixty days. The actual transaction is not taxable, however it is reported on your tax return to the IRS. Some distributions are not eligible to be rolled over. These […]

Pensions and Annuity Taxation

When collecting retirement allowances through annuity or pension payments from a qualified employer retirement plan, it’s important to note that all or some allocation of the amounts you accept may be subject to taxation. The benefits that you collect are completely taxable if you accept no investment in the contract because any of the following […]

If you’re planning for your retirement by building a savings through an IRA or 401(k) plan, there’s a god chance you may qualify for a special tax credit. The Saver’s Credit is available to those with retirement plans, and can help reduce your tax liability. Also known by its extended name, The Retirement Savings Contribution […]

Having a retirement fund set up to help offset the costs associated with life after employment, is a smart financial decision. However, situations may arise that require you to withdraw some cash from your savings plan earlier than you expected. Doing so can activate an additional tax, and cause you to have to report withdrawals […]

Not Itemizing on your Tax Return?

You Can Still Claim Certain Deductions. Filing taxes is a stressful affair, causes anxiety and can be highly confusing. Should you take the standardized tax deduction of $6,200 for singles?  Double that amount for couples. Itemizing your tax deductions may give you a bigger refund. Itemizing deductions will necessitate keeping all your medical, tax, and […]