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Paying Taxes When You Work from Home

As technology adapts to allow more employees to telecommute, the traditional office is becoming more of a makeshift desk on the kitchen table than a cubicle across town. However, if your employer is in a state other than the one in which you live, you’ll have a little bit of a different tax situation than […]

So you owe the IRS? Most taxpayers have been there, done that. But what happens if you owe taxes and don’t have any money to cover what you owe? First, you need to not panic. There are options, but before you get to them, you have to ensure you file your return. If you don’t […]

Unable to Pay? Here Are Your Options!

Do you owe taxes but are having a hard time paying the IRS? Are you unable to pay anything at all? If so, you have two options: request a temporary delay in collections, or apply for an Offer in Compromise. However, these options are only available if: There is reason to believe the amount you […]

Many major cities, or even those close to the border of a neighboring state, have a significant portion of taxpayers who travel from another state to work there. For example, many New Jersey residents work in New York City, or Marylanders may drive to Virginia. It may not seem like a hassle to cross the […]

When You Owe the Additional Medicare Tax

There are certain taxpayers who, depending on their income, may owe an Additional Medicare Tax. If this applies to you, it’s important to be aware of certain facts to make tax time simpler. The Additional Medicare Tax rate is 9%. The tax is assessed when your income exceeds a specified threshold. Medicare wages, self-employment income, […]

Contrary to popular belief and what is often portrayed in movies, the IRS isn’t always the bad guy. If you aren’t able to pay the full amount you owe in taxes, the IRS will make arrangements to make repayment easier. Though you should be aware that back taxes or past due amounts will reduce your […]

You’re probably not thinking about filing next year’s taxes already, but if you start organizing your documents now, you can avoid a lot of stress and headaches when the next season comes. Tax preparation doesn’t begin on January 1st, but is instead a year-round activity that can make filing your taxes a breeze when it […]


Working as an accounting clerk can be an exciting and rewarding job. Whether you are responsible for managing appointments, data entry, or assisting other office staff, if you work for an accounting firm you should receive a Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement, from your employer. This form will list your wages and withholdings that […]

When you work in the food service industry, especially as a waitress/waiter, busboy, hostess, or sommelier, you may rely on tips as part of your income. This additional income can get confusing at tax time, as you may not know what you are required to report to the IRS. Whether you receive tips or not, […]

No matter whether you are a full-time or part-time cashier or retail sales associate, at tax time you need to report your income to the IRS by filing a tax return. Your employer will send you a Form W-2, reporting your earnings and commissions for the tax year. This form will also list your withholdings […]