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New SALT limit


The tax overhaul placed a limit on deductions for state and local taxes, known as SALT, in a landmark change. These deductions were previously unlimited for individuals, although many people who owed the alternative minimum tax lost some or all of their SALT write-offs. Taxpayers can deduct property and income taxes or sales taxes for […]

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There are nine different states that don’t tax wages. For residents of the other fourth-one, tax season requires the filing of both a federal income tax return and a state return. While paying taxes to the state may not be ideal in your mind, there’s one highlight: State taxes may be able to reduce your […]

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Taxes as a Homeowner

So you finally purchased your home, and are excited to have something to call your own. In addition to wonderful new living space, you also get some pretty great tax breaks as well. In some cases, certain tax incentives can even be applicable to your second home. And if you’ve been in your home for […]

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