Production Workers Can Produce Tax Deductions

Do you make your living as a production worker? If so, you should be aware of eligible work-related deductions that you can claim, which will lower your tax liability and help you get the most of your . Once you receive your W-2 from your , you can begin to prepare your .

Certain work-related costs that you’ve incurred throughout the tax year, including but not limited to:

  • Trade publications and industry related literature subscriptions
  • Dues for unions or labor associations
  • Certain equipment used for safety, such as work specific steel toed boots.

Certain educational , like seminars or training courses can be deductible if they cost you money, and they meet a few requirements. Courses that refresh your skills, or inform you of new developments in your field, as well as are usually deductible, as long as they aren’t required for you to meet the minimum qualification necessary to do your . You also can’t deduct expenses incurred for in a new field or career, or general studies that are unrelated to your current trade specifically.

No matter what deductions you claim for expenses, it’s important to keep accurate and to back up your claims.