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Different Types of 1099 Forms

There are many different Form-1099s that you may encounter when tax season rolls around. Some of the most common include: 1099-A: If your mortgage lender cancels some or all your mortgage, or your home was sold in a short sale, you’ll likely receive a 1099-A. Because the IRS considers canceled debt to be equivalent to […]

The Form-1099 Explained

This tax season, you may receive a Form 1099 in the mail, specifically if you performed work outside your typical employer. You’ll need this document to file your tax return, so it’s important you store it in a safe place until you have everything you need to complete your return. What is a 1099? This […]

What is the 1099-R?

If you’ve received retirement payments throughout the year from your pension, annuity, or similar type of plan, you’ll receive a Form 1099-R as a report of the fund distribution. Payments from Pensions and Annuities When you set up a retirement fund with your employer, you are essentially arranging a compensation agreement. Most retirement plans don’t […]