Getting Familiar with the Form 1095-A

This tax season, you may receive a new statement that you aren't entirely familiar with. With the implementation of last year, taxpayers who bought their through the will receive Form 1095-A, .

The does not supply the form to you, but instead you will receive it from in which you purchased your coverage. You should xo receive this form by early February, and you will need it to file your accurately.

Form 1095-A will document the beginning and end date of your coverage, the cost of any monthly , and the appropriate information needed for reconciling your premium , including advance payments you may have received.

This information is essential to balance the amount of advance payments you received with the actual amount you are eligible to receive. To reconcile your premium tax credit, you should file Form 8962, Premium Tax Credit, with your tax return.

If you don't receive your form by the beginning of February, you'll need to contact the Marketplace where you purchased coverage to request a copy. Similarly, if any information is incorrect on the Form 1095-A, you should contact the Marketplace for a corrected version.

If you and other members of your house had different health plans, or your coverage was changed during the tax year, you may receive multiple Form 1095-A.