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Capital Assets

Personal or investment property owned by you is typically a ” capital asset. ” Examples include materials such as a house or a car and investment items such as stocks and bonds. When a capital asset is sold, capital gains or losses occur. Whether you consider selling a capital gain or loss depends on the […]

A capital asset, including personal property and investments, can be sold for either a loss or a gain. If you sell your assets, you should be aware of the following ten facts regarding capital gains and losses: Assets: Capital assets describe property you own, like a home or a vehicle. The term also encompasses investments, […]

Capital Assets

Capital assets include basically everything you own for either personal or investment purposes. Some examples of capital assets are homes and household furnishings and stocks or bonds used as investments. Selling a capital asset can either result in a capital gain or a capital loss. It depends on the difference between the basis of the […]

Capital Gains and Losses

Personal or investment property that you own is typically considered a “capital asset”. Examples range from material items like a house or car, to investment items like stocks and bonds. A capital gain or loss occurs when a “capital asset” is sold. Whether you can consider the sale a capital gain or loss depends on […]