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New Personal Exemption

The abolition of the personal exemption is also a significant shift. This provision was a subtraction from income before the overhaul for each person included in a tax return-typically family members. The amount for 2018 was set to be $4,150 per person, and for higher earners it was phased out. Personal exemption was also essential […]

Separation and Divorce at Tax Time

Couples who are separated have decisions to make at tax time, which can affect the amount you get back in a refund, or how much you have to pay. You are able to make some of these decisions on your own, however there are a few that require both parties to be on the same […]

Know How to Figure Your AGI

Learning the math behind your tax return may seem overwhelming. However, understanding the three different levels of income can make things a little easier. The three amounts are: total gross income, adjusted gross income (AGI), taxable income. Adjusted Gross Income One important term to familiarize yourself with at tax time is adjusted gross income. This […]

Being a Parent Can Be Extra Rewarding

Taxes can be difficult to prepare on your own, and as a parent, the addition of dependents can make things even more difficult. However, by claiming your child(ren) as a dependent, you become entitled to a variety of tax savings from the government. In order to maximize your benefits as a parent, follow these tips: […]

Taking it Personally: Exemptions

Anyone who pays taxes and is not claimed as a dependent on anyone else’s return is eligible to receive a personal deduction simply because they are a taxpayer. This deduction is known as a personal exemption, and the amount is a set dollar amount for the entire year. In 2014, the exemption amount was $3,950, […]

Who is a Qualifying Relative?

The person for whom a taxpayer claims a dependency exemption for is called a dependent. A dependent must be someone other than the taxpayer or their spouse. There are two different distinctions of dependents: qualifying child and qualifying relative. A dependent must be one of the two classifications, as well as meeting a few other […]

Depending on Claiming Dependents?

To get a little extra cash back this tax season, consider the benefits you may be eligible for by claiming children or adult relatives as dependents. For each dependent you claim that qualifies, you get a personal exemption, and depending on the age and relationship of the dependent, you may be eligible for additional tax […]