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Deduction of Miscellaneous Expenses

The tax overhaul also suspended many other deductions or imposed new limits on them while targeting major write-offs such as mortgage interest and state and local taxes. These changes usually expire in late 2025. On Schedule A, a grab bag of items, Congress eliminated deductions for miscellaneous expenses. The change removed deductions for unreimbursed travel, […]

Technology is all around us. More and more people are using mobile devices and electronic gadgets at work to improve productivity. Because we are connected just about anywhere anymore, workers are no longer bound to an office or stationed at a desk. Instead, many employees can work basically wherever they want. In order to be […]

Bus Drivers Deduct Their Way to Savings

Do you drive a bus for a living? Being on the road, helping people get where they need to go can feel very rewarding. Reward yourself at tax time by claiming deductions which can lower the amount you owe in taxes and put more money in your pocket. If you work for a specific business, […]

Tax Time Deductions for Managers

Do you work as a manager of a business or organization, and receive income for your services? If so, you will be required to report your earnings to the IRS and likely file a tax return. You may be able to lessen the amount of taxes you have to pay at tax time by claiming […]

Using Your Home for Business

Regardless of if you are self-employed or an employee of another business, if you use any part of your home for conducting business, you may be able to deduct certain expenses. Your home must be used in one of the following ways: Exclusively, and on a regular basis as your primary place of business A […]

If you chose to entertain customers, employees or other areas of your business, you may be able to deduct certain expenses that are deemed ordinary and necessary for carrying on business. These expenses may be deductible if they are either directly related or associated with the business. You must have proof that the expense relates […]

Common Professional Deductions

Taxes can be one of the biggest expenses that anyone in a professional environment encounters. If you’re one of those professionals, there are many deductions that can help you save. Unfortunately, you may not know some of them exist at all, or be aware of what records you should keep to claim certain deductions. To […]

Deducting Computer Expenses

If your business or job require you to purchase a new computer, you may be able to deduct the cost as a business expense. It may even be possible to deduct the whole cost of the computer in a single year. Employees If you work for someone else, but you purchase your own computer for […]