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Tax Donations

Do you know that many donations you make to the charity can be deducted from tax? That’s right, you can turn your household goods into a tax benefit that you no longer need. So, as you walk into the back of your closet, keep track of all the donated items. You ‘re responsible for reporting […]

Are Charitable Deductions Worth It?

Charitable donations are deductible if the amount of the donation is within a certain threshold, based off your adjusted gross income (AGI). In most cases, the upper limit is 50% of your AGI for donations, meaning a taxpayer with a $50,000 AGI can deduct up to $25,000 of charitable contributions. In order to deduct items […]

Not only can making a donation to those in need feel great, it can also benefit you at tax time. Depending on a few requirements, you may be able to deduct your charitable gift from your taxes. If you’ve made a contribution, consider the following tips to see if you are eligible to claim a […]

Documenting Deductible Donations

Donating to charity is a great idea, and may even afford you a tax deduction. It’s necessary that you keep a clear and accurate record of your charitable contributions in order to qualify for a tax deductions. You will need a hard copy record of the donation if you want to deduct it on your […]

There are two methods you can use to deduct expenses at tax time: you can either itemize or utilize the standard deduction. Deductions decrease your taxable income, lowering your tax threshold. The standard deduction amount is different depending on factors such as filing status, taxpayer age, and income levels, and is revised annually. There are […]

What are Itemized Deductions?

Chosing to itemize your deductions at tax time can prove beneficial in many ways. When you itemize, you list all of your expenses and amounts paid on Schedule A of Form 1040 when you file your tax return. These expenses can range from medical or dental care and state or local income tax, to mortgage […]

Itemized Deduction Limits

Some itemized deductions have different amount limitations, depending on the type of deduction. Generally, the limits are figured on a scale based off a percentage of the taxpayer’s adjusted gross income (AGI). In order to determine what you can deduct, you will have to subtract the corresponding percentage of your AGI from the total amount […]

Charitable Contribution Deductions

Giving to charity can have a lot of benefits. It helps others in need, can make you feel good, and can help you get a tax deduction. There’s all around positives to donating to charity, especially if you follow a few tips that can help you deduct the gift from your tax return. Here are […]

The Tax Value of Donations

Do you know that many donations that you give to charity are tax deductible? That’s right, you can turn your household goods that you no longer need into a tax benefit. So, as you venture into the depths of the Abyss (also known as the back of your closet), keep track of all the items […]