Tax Deductions for Customer Service Reps

Customers are an essential part of any which is why it’s extremely important to take good care of them and assure the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. In order to do this, many companies rely on to handle their interactions with customers. If you are employed as a representative, your employee will supply you with a Form , , at tax time.

This form will list your earnings and tax withholdings. As a CSR, you’re able to reduce your tax liability by deducting any expenses you incurred that were not reimbursed by your . Like all deductions you claim, you’ll need receipts to serve as proof of the expenses. You may be able to deduct:

  • Subscription costs to publications and journals that relate to your
  • and professional membership costs
  • State or local government regulatory fees, licenses, or flat rate occupational , as long as they aren’t paid for initial certification

You also may qualify for education costs you incurred if related to your job. These courses have to meet specific requirements in order to be deductible. Generally, refresher courses, vocational courses, and courses that teach current developments are usually deductible. If you take classes that qualify you for a new occupation or allow you to meet minimum qualifications for your new job, you will not be able to deduct these courses.