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Deducting Job Search Expenses

Many people don’t know they can write off expenses related to searching for a job, as its not a common deduction. That’s likely because there are specific rules regarding what is eligible for deduction and what isn’t. First, expenses must be incurred while searching for a job within your current occupation. You can’t seek employment […]

Looking for a Job? Deduct Expenses!

Did you know that you can deduct expenses incurred from job searching? However, the IRS has strict guidelines regarding what is eligible for deduction and what isn’t. All job search expenses must be within your current industry. Looking for a new occupation or a new line of work will not qualify for deduction. The following […]

Looking For a Job? Deduct Search Expenses

Are you on the hunt? Looking for that perfect new job? While it may not seem too costly to perform a full on job search, little and the expenses can really add up over time. When you combine postage, cost of printing your resume, travel, and work samples you can really have a hefty expense. […]

Computing the Right Deductions

For anyone who is a PC specialist, you must acquire Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement, through your boss. Any payments you get for providing computer solutions, away from your current regular work, may be deemed as profits coming from self-employment and is reportable on Schedule C, Profit or Loss from Business. Self-employed individuals can […]

You make your living by performing in front of others, be it through song, dance, spoken word, or some other medium. If you work for a specific venue, you may receive a Form W-2, as they would be considered your employer. However, if you freelance or receive payments from someone you don’t work for regularly, […]

Journalism Related Tax Deductions

Journalists have an important job in reporting the current events and other newsworthy stories to the public. When it comes time for taxes, it’s important for those who work as a journalist or media professional to know what to expect. You will receive a Form W-2 from your employer which will document the amount you […]

Like any other skilled tradesman, professional painters can expect to receive a Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement from their employer. Anyone who runs their own business or does painting work on the side is considered to be self-employed, and should receive a Form 1099-MISC for any amount they received on their own. Even if […]

Certain miscellaneous expenses, like consultation fees for tax services that you incur throughout the year, may be able to be deducted at tax time. If you chose to itemize your expenses, you may even be able to lower the amount of taxes you owe. If you want to claim miscellaneous deductions on your tax form, […]