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What is an Innocent Spouse?

An innocent spouse seeks to be relieved from the liability of their spouse’s tax issues. Relief from Joint and Several Liability is Section 6015 of the Internal Revenue Code. Married taxpayers who file a joint return are liable for taxes, interests, and penalties according to the return, as well as any other taxes the IRS […]

Separation and Divorce at Tax Time

Couples who are separated have decisions to make at tax time, which can affect the amount you get back in a refund, or how much you have to pay. You are able to make some of these decisions on your own, however there are a few that require both parties to be on the same […]

Innocent Spouse Relief

Married couples who file a joint tax return should be aware that both parties are liable for each other’s tax responsibilities, meaning if there is a balance owed, it doesn’t matter which spouse’s income the tax is owed on – both will be held equally accountable. There are some situations where one spouse may be […]