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How Quickly Does the IRS Process Returns?

If you electronically file your tax return, you will receive an email within 48 hours. This email will tell you to sign into your account, to see if your return was accepted. If your return was not accepted, you can correct your return resubmit it to IRS at no charge. When your return is accepted […]

Tips to Get Your Refund Fast!

Are you anticipating your refund? We all like a little cash back in our pockets, as more money leaves than comes in. Waiting for your tax refund can be excruciating when you desperately need the cash. At tax time, put your money back in your pocket quicker using these tips: File As Soon As Possible […]

Why You Should Direct Deposit Your Refund

Many taxpayers who are due a refund opt for direct deposit. In fact, it is the top method of receiving payment on a federal tax refund. It’s completely safe, and delivers the cash you’re entitled to quickly and easily, especially when you combine it with electronic filing methods. Approximately 90 million taxpayers opted for direct […]