Cashing In on Cashier’s Tax Time Deductions

There’s more to being a than just scanning a barcode with a red laser. If you’re aware of all the tasks that a cashier does, you’ve likely been employed as one at some point. As a cashier, you are entitled to some expense at tax time that can save you money on your total tax liability. Your employer will supply you with a Form , , which documents your income and .

You can lessen the amount of you owe by deducting any expenses you incurred as a cashier. You can claim these deductions as a 2% limited miscellaneous on , . You’ll need to keep all your receipts to document your expenses. You can claim expenses relating to union dues and subscription fees for work-related publications.

Provided they meet certain standards, and training courses may also be deductible. Generally, this includes refresher classes, , and classes to announce new developments. If the education qualifies you for a new occupation or allows you to meet minimum certification for your present trade it is not deductible.