Free Customer Service provides free customer support to all of its users. If you have any questions in regards to filing your tax return with, contact us at 1-718-ASK-ETAX.
Thank you, you were there to answer my questions when I needed help the most. See you next year! - Jessica L., CA

E-File & Direct Deposit

E-Filing your tax return is the fastest way to get your tax refund. This is why allows you to e-file your tax return without any additional charges. E-Filing is Free with
I am currently employed, offering e-filing for free shows me that you care about having a great product at an affordable price. In the past, when using other services, I spent over $100 to file my taxes. Thank you! - William S., NJ

Free Storage of Tax Returns

Need a copy of your tax return? provides free storage of your filed tax return accessible by you from anywhere in the world on any internet ready device.
Last week I was filing for financial aid for college and was required to present a copy of my tax return. I was able to use the computer lab and print a copy immediately. See you again in January! - Samantha W. - PA

Easy Step-By-Step Questionnaires does not burden you with difficult tax forms and expect you to know what needs to be claimed and what doesn't. walks you through step-by-step asking you questions in a friendly and easy-to-understand way.
In past years I paid an accountant to file our tax return. This year we needed to budget our money so we decided to try it ourself using your website. I can't believe how easy it was and that we got our refund to our bank accounts so quickly. Thank you so much, see you next year! - Bill & Irene A., MN

Instant Refund Indicator

Watch your refund grow as you go. calculates your refund amount as you enter your information so you can see how different deductions and credits affect you in real time.
I thought it was extremely neat and helpful to see how each change I made to my tax return affected my refund. It helped me to better understand how tax refunds are determined. - John R., OK

Review Complete Tax Return provides you with a complete preview of your tax return prior to filing so you can check each form line by line including attached worksheets used to derive certain amounts.
I have always prepared my own tax return but the IRS no longer sends out the income tax booklets. Your website allowed me to review all of my tax forms including the worksheets prior to filing my return. Filing was very easy but it still allowed me to feel involved. - James M., NY