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eTax.com Offers Filing Status Calculator

March 14, 2016

Choosing the right filing status can be one of the biggest headaches during tax time. eTax.com offers a special tool called the "Filing Status Calculator" which helps taxpayers determine the right filing status to use to get the maximum benefit. Each filing status has its own set of qualifications and different statuses can affect the credits and deductions you are eligible for. Selecting the correct filing status is critical, as it can lead to big changes in refunds and tax liabilities.

Generally, taxpayers use the same status year after year out of habit. But if something changes in either marital status, living arrangements, or dependency, then confusion can set in. eTax.com is there to offer support and guidance through the entire process, and with easy to understand methods that make it simple for every taxpayer to file a federal and state return.

Similar to eTax.com's simple tax return preparation, the Filing Status Calculator guides you through the process of selecting the right status by asking a series of easily worded questions. After selecting answers, the tool calculates the most appropriate filing status for the taxpayer. Instead of having to search through various rules and qualifications to see which status fits their situation, eTax.com makes it easy for users to maximize their tax refund.

The Filing Status Calculator is just one of many tools offered by eTax.com. "With a mission statement that includes delivering the best in tax software at a price that's affordable, eTax.com is revolutionizing the process with innovative calculators and modules that ensure each and every return is completed accurately." explained Paul Stanley of eTax.com.