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eTax.com Imports Previous Years' Tax Data for Free

February 18, 2017

eTax.com offers customers an easy to use web-based application for filing both state and federal tax returns. eTax.com rewards loyalty by offering discounts on services to repeat customers. Additionally, unlike their competitors, eTax.com's software imports customers' prior year tax data with no extra fees. Many other leading tax-filing software applications offer discounts and free-filing promotions for new customers, yet constantly try to up sell services to returning customers. When using one of these services, returning customers can expect at least a $70 charge to import their previous year's tax data, as many require upgrading to a paid version to access this function. eTax.com, however, allows returning customers to access their information for free. In fact, by not having to re-enter the same data, users of eTax.com are less likely to make errors that can delay their refund.

eTax.com is a simple, user-friendly tax filing application that provides customers with an in-depth database of tax information to make tax season less stressful. Taxpayers can file their state and local tax returns with step-by-step instructions using eTax.com's software. Customers are able to access answers to common questions, as well as toll-free telephone support. There's even specific information to help customers complete each step of the process as they are engaged at the time.

eTax.com values each customer, as evidenced by the company's commitment to customer satisfaction. Customers can expect accurate returns when they file with eTax.com, and ensure they are receiving the maximum refund possible. There's never any pressure to buy unnecessary services, and eTax.com will never up sell their products to customers. Conversely, loyal customers will benefit from increased discounts and accessibility.